From flying to maintenance to drones and the arts, Fly Compton offers a variety of programs for students interested in aviation.

In-Person Ground School

In-person ground school for an hour is a focused and interactive training session where aspiring pilots or aviators gather in a classroom setting. During this time, they receive essential instruction on aviation theory, regulations, navigation, weather, aerodynamics, and safety procedures. The session aims to complement flight training and provides students with a solid foundation of knowledge necessary for flying an aircraft safely and confidently. It offers an opportunity for direct interaction with instructors and fellow students, allowing for questions, discussions, and hands-on learning experiences.

Online Ground School

Online ground school for an hour is a virtual training session that offers aspiring pilots or aviators the opportunity to learn aviation theory and essential knowledge from the comfort of their own location. Through digital platforms and interactive tools, students can access instructional videos, presentations, quizzes, and other educational resources. The session covers topics such as regulations, navigation, weather, aerodynamics, and safety procedures, providing a comprehensive understanding of aviation principles. Online ground school allows for flexibility in scheduling, self-paced learning, and the convenience of accessing the material at any time, making it an accessible option for those with busy schedules or remote locations.

Flight Training

Flight training for kids aged 8 to 18 is a structured and supervised program that introduces young aviators to the world of aviation. It provides them with the opportunity to learn the basics of flying an aircraft in a safe and age-appropriate manner. The training may include ground school sessions, where they learn about aviation theory, regulations, and safety procedures. Additionally, they may have hands-on flight experiences with certified flight instructors, who guide and mentor them during the flights. The goal of flight training for kids is to foster a passion for aviation, develop essential skills, and instill a strong sense of responsibility and safety in the world of flying.

Private Pilot Summer Camp

A Private Pilot Summer Camp is an exciting and immersive program designed for aspiring aviators during the summer months. It offers participants the opportunity to embark on an intensive journey to obtain their Private Pilot License. The camp typically includes ground school sessions, where students learn aviation theory, regulations, and flight planning. They also receive hands-on flight training with experienced instructors, honing their flying skills in the cockpit. Throughout the camp, students engage in various aviation activities and simulations to deepen their understanding of flying. The goal is to provide a fun and educational experience that enables participants to achieve their Private Pilot License by the end of the summer camp.

Aviation Maintenance Program

Ignite the passion for aviation with our hands-on maintenance program for kids aged 8 to 18! Our program is designed to introduce young enthusiasts to the fascinating world of aircraft maintenance, where they learn the inner workings of planes and helicopters. Led by experienced aviation professionals, participants gain practical skills in inspections, repairs, and troubleshooting. From engines to electronics, our program covers it all, instilling a strong foundation in aviation maintenance. Join us on this exciting journey and soar to new heights with our aircraft maintenance program!

Engineering Program

Unleash the engineer within with our dynamic program for kids aged 8 to 18! Our engineering program offers an interactive and hands-on learning experience where young minds delve into the world of design, problem-solving, and innovation. Guided by skilled mentors, participants engage in exciting projects that foster creativity and critical thinking. From building structures to designing circuits, our program covers a wide range of engineering disciplines. Join us to ignite your child’s curiosity, cultivate their engineering skills, and pave the way for a future of endless possibilities!

Drone Program

Embark on an exhilarating aerial adventure with our drone program for kids aged 8 to 18! Our program introduces young enthusiasts to the world of drones, combining education, technology, and hands-on fun. Participants learn about drone mechanics, flight principles, safety protocols, and even get a chance to fly drones themselves. Guided by experienced instructors, kids explore drone navigation, capture breathtaking aerial footage, and develop problem-solving skills through exciting challenges. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the skies, where imagination takes flight with drones!

Arts Program

Discover the power of creativity in our STEAM-based arts program for kids aged 8 to 18! Through a dynamic blend of science, technology, engineering, and math, we integrate the arts (A) to inspire young minds. From painting to sculpture, theater to dance, our program offers a stimulating environment where students explore the intersection of art and STEM, fostering innovation, critical thinking, and imaginative expression. Join us on this artistic journey and unleash your child’s creative potential while building a strong foundation in STEAM disciplines.

Enrollment Levels Guide

Tier 1

Students ages 8-12

Tier 2

Students ages 13-17

Tier 3

Students ages 17+

Alumni Network

After Fly Compton students complete the program and move into aviation careers, they have the option of remaining affiliated through our alumni network. Dues may be exchanged for volunteer hours or deducted from any donations greater than the value of dues. Alumni exemplify Fly Compton’s culture of giving back to the community, reinforce our model of sustainability and further our mission of extending representation of Black and Brown pilots in the aviation industry.

Aero Club

Fly Compton offers adults interested in flying access to affordable rental aircraft and flight instruction through Fly Compton Aero Club. Click here to inquire. 


Fly Compton is committed to providing as many resources as possible to all who aspire to enter the aviation industry. From summer camps to scholarships, this link will provide you with a wealth of aviation information and opportunities all across the country.